Pet Care

Pet Care is a collar that can be used for many different pets. The collar is set up like a Smart Watch or FitBit. It allows the user to track their pets' activities to get a more accurate idea of what their pets are doing and what their needs are. If the owner is worried at any time about the pet the information can be collected in a pdf and sent off to their Veterinarian. They can also keep copies of all of the pets papers in the app and keep track of medicine and appointments for their pet on the calendar. The calendar link with your google account to keep everything cohesive. Also, multiple pets can be kept track of on one phone device if needed. This app is perfect for the user that really feels the need for the information they're lacking from their pet.

Problem Statement

A pet owner needs a way to easily supervise and keep track of their pet’s location, health and activities because they want to be a more responsible pet owner.

App Definition Statement

Pet Care is a fitness and health tracking app that enables pet owner's to supervise and keep track of their pet's care.

The Start

Sketching is the first thing I do with every project. These are a few of the sketches from early on in the sketching process. They really encompass what the final product became.

User Stories

- User need's a way to see all the information at once.

- User need's a way to keep pet papers in one place.

- User need's a way to keep track of pet's appointments and medication time's.